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Pathology Solutions

Dedicated laboratory software for pathologists, by pathologists

Our pathology solutions have been  designed and tailored to meet the needs of a Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy.

Our dedicated portfolio of pathology software solutions – including LIS DaVinci (and its modules), DaVinci Billing and LabPrintMaster - are the result of an intensive collaboration between Pathologists and IT consultants and are therefore unique in their kind: Designed by and for Pathologists!!

Using the latest technologies in the field of databases, network communications and user interfaces our solutions offer state of the art information management systems that are efficient and affordable for every Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy, large or small.

Integration of automation and print devices, user-friendliness by simple and transparent interfaces, process control, detailed traceability, and practical tools for quality management with extensive statistics formed the foundation for guiding the design of this unique solution set for Pathological Anatomy.

Our pathology solutions answer the needs of modern pathology labs and their users, for a smooth, efficient, traceable and connected workflow. Specialised tools help you meet the challenges of billing to multiple types of clients, even for multi-site labs. And your issues integrating cassette and slide printers are resolved! All with an ease of use that can enhance your lab’s productivity and your users’ satisfaction.

With our pathology portfolio, you are confident that you are getting the right solutions; because no one knows the needs of pathology labs like pathologists.