Cut costs, save time and operate more efficiently.

With solutions that cover everything from billing, to admin, to archiving and much more.

Local teams ensure compliance with all national legislation, guidelines and accreditation bodies

Global solutions delivered locally

Proven solutions serving the most demanding and complex clinical laboratory environments

Multi-disciplinary, multi-site, network solutions

Europe's leading supplier of clinical laboratory information systems

Safe, cost-effective, responsive

The right system for each laboratory

From the most complex to the simplest workflow: MIPS solutions can play a role in streamlining work processes and improving efficiency

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MIPS – the software specialist

Laboratories' needs are increasingly complex. Software that streamlines work processes and improves efficiency should not be an add-on or an after-thought. You want to work with the specialist. At MIPS, all of our focus is on laboratory IT solutions. Our solutions have been developed to solve the specific challenges laboratories face.

Local knowledge, global solutions

With more than 20 years of experience in countries across Europe, we have built a track record based on our local presence and understanding of our customers and their customers, as well as on our global, proven solutions and reach.
MIPS CZ s.r.o. is situated in Mělník (25 km away from Prague) and it represents the center of all MIPS activities in Czech Republic. The MIPS team consists of project management specialists, implementation technicians, consultants and its own development team. Knowledge and experiences of our team in the area of Czech health sector are extremely valuable for further development of our solutions. It is also one of the reasons why more and more laboratories in Czech Republic implement our software.

Solutions that help laboratories save costs and react quickly

MIPS vianova Labor is a flexible information system running on MS Windows platform. This system can be used in wide range of laboratory specializations including clinical biochemistry, hematology any many others. Specific needs of laboratories specialized into bacteriology are also supported using a separate module MIPS vianova Microbiology.
GLIMS and CyberLab meet the needs of laboratories, hospitals and foundations for maximum functionality, with a wide selection of modules that cover everything from billing and financial management, to administration, to stock management, to instrument management, to archiving, and beyond.
Extension software SafeLink then ensures quick and secure distribution of performed tests results directly into computers and information systems of your customers.
The result is a solution that can help cut costs, save time and operate more efficiently. And our solutions have the flexibility to change as your needs change, so you can react quickly to the requirements of your customers.


•  Over 2,500 laboratories using our software
•  350 IT healthcare professionals dedicated to the development, deployment and support of our laboratory software
•  25 years successfully deploying laboratory software solutions
•  35 countries using our solutions
•  9 different languages in operational use

In-depth domain knowledge

A focus on customer needs

More than 80% of our customer facing people have had hands-on laboratory experience and consequently have a detailed understanding of our customers needs.  


Working in partnership

A single plan, a single goal

Collaborative working with a single goal - to deploy an effective LIS which supports the laboratory's working practices - is the key to our long track record of success.