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Laboratory Information Management

GLIMS: The most widely-used laboratory information system in Europe

The heart of our solutions portfolio is GLIMS.

GLIMS is a comprehensive automation system for  order-entry, instrument communication, results processing and validation, quality control, results communication, reconciliation and invoicing, payment follow-up and statistics.

GLIMS can be used in an extremely diverse range of laboratory disciplines: haematology, bacteriology, clinical chemistry, blood transfusions, serology, immunology, toxicology, microbiology,  epidemiology, virology, pathology, clinical trials, veterinary.

The solution is used by over 15,000 people across 19 countries in 9 different languages, making it Europe's most widely-used laboratory information system.

Because it is extremely flexible to the specific needs of your laboratory:
•  GLIMS is multi-lingual within a single database.
•  GLIMS can be expanded to other, on- or off-site labs, simply and without fuss.
•  GLIMS is configurable, so you can freely define content of screens and reports. You can even customise them for specific users!
•  GLIMS is compliant with all national legislation - pricing, invoicing, accounting, VAT - offering you pure peace of mind.

Yet, with GLIMS you get the most advanced information management system at your fingertips. We never stop developing and enhancing its capabilities -  which means we never stop enhancing yours!

GLIMS will support all of your laboratory operations, helping drive improvements in efficiency and effectiveness:

•  automation of reptitive tasks, including data entry, reporting, invoicing, payment follow-up
•  uniformity and extreme ease of use, saving time and requiring less training
•  central control of all instruments
•  straightforward representation of complex analysis and processing procedures
•  flexbility and configurability, enabling GLIMS to support all of your laboatory's specific work flows and processes.