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GLIMS Pathology

Designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s pathology laboratory

The anatomic pathology module in GLIMS supports the processing of material examinations. The module is suited for biopsy, cytology as well as autopsy.

It offers support for both textual result values as well as more structured results. All of them are gathered in the material examination on which the pathologist is working. For each material exam GLIMS offers a compact overview of its results, the possibility to manipulate the examination until a finished state and to produce reports for it.

The anatomic pathology module also supports image results which can contain both microscopic and macroscopic images. With the appropriate editing software installed, these images can be edited and stored from the GLIMS application. Thanks to the MS Word reporting functionality in GLIMS, the anatomic pathology module also includes both macroscopic and microscopic images in reports. The seamless integration of this module within GLIMS provides access to all related chemical and microbiological information.


• Suitable for biopsy and cytology as well as autopsy.
• Support for international coding standards (SNOMED, ADICAP etc.).
• Integrated with voice recognition systems.
• Built upon a single GLIMS database allowing easy access to all related chemical and microbiological information.

• Automation of process improves workflow efficiency from start to finish. Data only needs to be input once.
• Pathologists no longer have to dictate all terms; they can focus on the diagnosis for the final report.
• Samples no longer get 'lost': with status tracking, you can see exactly where they are in the process.
• All details of the workflow are recorded, allowing controls of process efficiency, quality and costs.

With the MS Word reporting functionality, you can integrate micro- and macroscopic images into your reports.