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Over 200 UK-based personnel dedicated to the development, delivery and support of Healthcare IT solutions

Long and successful track record of deployment

Our long and successful record of deployment gives confidence that we can deliver to time and to customer satisfaction and the depth and breadth of our deployment team gives comfort of a low risk deployment.

Our confidence in delivery is based on the following:

  • Continuous improvement of our deployment processes and methodology based on lessons learnt from each deployment.   This CliniSys deployment model is specific to the needs of the NHS and includes a high level of on-site presence to ensure workflows and processes are fully understood and are designed into the overall system build.   Built up from a series of discrete, proven work packages, this model ensures the project manager retains control of the deployment at all times and delivers to time and budget.   This model has now been proven in multiple deployments.
  • Recruiting and training professional project managers, all of whom are PRINCE2 certified and are focused on working in partnership with the Trusts' project manager to deliver a solution which meets the requirements.   
  • We have over 150 UK-based personnel with an in-depth understanding of NHS pathology laboratories ensuring that the products, the assistance and advice is the most up to date and pertinent in helping laboratories cope with ever changing demands.  In particular, our large deployment team of ex-biomedical scientists can translate user specific requirements into system configurations.  

With more WinPath multi-site operations than any other LIMS provider in the UK, CliniSys has extensive experience of working with Trusts to develop and implement pathology networks to ensure that the investment in the network is realised in improved patient services and reduced costs. Some of these networks cover whole counties and are mission critical for maintaining a vital support service to ensure continuity of care for major hospitals, A&E Departments and emergency care.

Our ICE Order Communication and Result Reporting solution is also seen as market leading being installed in 74% of NHS trusts. Our ability to offer a truly integrated best of breed OCS & RR with our LIMS provides our customers with a proven and trusted end to end solution in line with modern healthcare requirements and workflows.

Service Management

CliniSys operates a structured support service which follows the standard ITIL management processes framework to ensure a stable, optimised, consistent level of support for all customers.

Contact us at to learn more about additional service options.