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Integrated Image Management for Pathology

Picsara has been developed to support the emerging requirements for digital imaging in pathology and to resolve the common issues in accessing and managing images that are currently experienced.

Pathology images are currently typically stored outside of the LIMS, which creates a disconnect between the pathology event and the image. Images are often stored in various formats, including some proprietary to the device, and are viewed either locally or not at all. Due to a lack of a common storage solution, images are rarely being stored or saved, and are not integrated or shared outside of the pathology department.


Using a common imaging solution for all images together with integration with CliniSys LIMS, Picsara addresses the increased call to share, review, save and link images to the hospital infrastructure in line with the principles of interoperable IT connectivity, essential for the drive for greater efficiency highlighted in Lord Carter’s report and the QIPP agenda.


Picsara saves the image in its native format making it immediately available to any interested clinician and all processes are recorded in a comprehensive audit trail. Having the image fully integrated with the CliniSys LIMS and with all necessary patient demographics recorded in context with the image, Picsara provides improved levels of patient safety and is fully supportive of data governance requirements with patient centric images.


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