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Europe's Leading Software Supplier to Clinical Laboratories

Year on year profitable growth ensures long term job security

If you have had a blood test, a urine sample taken or a biopsy undertaken in Western Europe, then the chances are that it will have been processed by CliniSys software.   CliniSys is the leading supplier of IT solutions to Europe's pathology services.   We provide solutions to both public and private laboratories, to laboratories located within hospitals, to networks of laboratories and to stand-alone independent laboratories.   We have been specialising in the development and deployment of Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) for over 25 years and over that time have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience which is difficult to match in the market place.

At the heart of our development, delivery and support processes is a commitment to excellence.   New people bring new ideas and we are continually looking to improve; be it the application of new technology, novel approaches to the delivery and support of our solutions or innovative ways to generate value for our customers.

CliniSys Group is organised as two divisions; MIPS serving our international markets and CliniSys UK focused on servicing the UK and Irish markets.  The group now employs over 350 people dedicated to the development, delivery and support of pathology IT solutions and has offices in England, Belgium, France, Scotland, Germany (Eltville, Hamburg, Korwestheim), Austria and Spain.   The MIPS division is headquarted in Gent, Belgium and the CliniSys division is headquartered in Surrey, UK.

We have vacancies in Germany as a consequence of our continued global success.