MIPS strengthens presence in Germany with acquisition of MCS-LDS, laboratory information systems business unit of MCS AG

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The MIPS and MCS business units will integrate into a single company. This company will support and develop a comprehensive portfolio including GLIMS (the core of the MIPS offer), Vianova Labor and PROMED Open/X-PROMED (all MCS laboratory software solutions). 

Supporting the future needs of laboratories

CliniSys will be able to offer a broader and deeper range of services and solutions to the customer base across Europe. MIPS and its sister company CliniSys now have annual revenues in excess of €50 million, and employ more than 350 people at multiple sites. The Group will be supporting over 550 LIS customers with laboratories in over 1,000 locations. This acquisition cements the group’s leading position in the laboratory information systems market.

This acquisition is part of MIPS’ long-term growth strategy to address the increasing pace of change in the laboratory services market. Many of these changes will need to be underpinned by developments in laboratory software and the MIPS enlarged group will continue to invest in the development of new and innovative software solutions. Examples of changes in service delivery include an increase in testing volumes due to an aging population, and an increase in more complex, molecular diagnostic testing due to a move towards a personalised healthcare model based on genetic make-up. Healthcare organisations have a need to increase the level of automation as they continue to face pressures to increase quality control and efficiency whilst working with a smaller numbers of scientists. As IT becomes a core part of healthcare delivery, interoperability of multiple systems located in GPs, hospitals and laboratories becomes an essential requirement.

Every year, MIPS invests over €4 million in the expansion and enhancement of its GLIMS product portfolio, resulting in a functionally rich LIS with support for all laboratory disciplines. GLIMS, MIPS’ international LIS solution, is already successfully used by over 15,000 scientists, clinicians and technicians in over 700 laboratory locations, including prestigious teaching hospitals, private hospital groups and major private laboratory groups across Europe.

“The acquisition of the MCS-LDS business and the creation of a new company in Germany integrating the MIPS and MCS-LDS units will allow us to offer a wider range of products and services to our customers in Germany,” says CliniSys Group CEO Fiona Pearson. “As a company we are 100% focused on laboratory software, in both the private and public sector; it is this dedication that we believe has helped us to become a market leader in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. To continue our success, it is vital to stay close to the market and invest in local knowledge. MCS-LDS will bring to the table its own strong presence and intimate knowledge of the German and German speaking markets. This extended reach and expertise will enable us to develop products and services to support the future developments of laboratories and their services.”