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Data Archive

General purpose archive, GLIMS ARCHIVE, retrieves all your XML documents quickly

Find the XML documents you need quickly and easily with GLIMS ARCHIVE. Our general purpose archive was originally designed for our GLIMS, the most widely-used laboratory information system in Europe. But in fact GLIMS ARCHIVE can reach much further: any application capable of exporting its historical data in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) can benefit from it.

GLIMS ARCHIVE's automated import program can process any XML document (as long as it is valid), importing it through network communication or a dedicated import directory. Even if you have only limited or basic details about the document content, you can query for it in GLIMS ARCHIVE. Review tools allow you to verify that the correct document has been imported.

Once GLIMS ARCHIVE has retrieved your document, you can consult it in a pleasant-to-read and customizable HTML layout. You can choose the Compact, Default or Extended layout, depending on your preferences.

You can even search for documents remotely. All you need is a web server; no additional configuration is required. So you can, for example, display archived patient information from within your GLIMS laboratory management solution!

•  Powerful and flexible archive searching
•  Processes any valid XML document
•  Automated import program
•  Web server for remote document searches
•  Pleasant HTML reading format for consulting the documents

•  Simplifies archive searches, saving time and effort.
•  Improves the management of data and documents.
•  Speeds up retrieval of documents, for a more efficient workflow.

Every XML document contains one or more nested elements, the boundaries of which are delimited by start-tags and end-tags. GLIMS ARCHIVE lets you define the nested elements of each XML, gives each element a user-friendly name, and indexes it. So when you are searching for a document, you can use these elements as query options.