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Electronic Requesting

Transparent and secure exchange of laboratory information

With CyberLab, order entry is easy, transparent and secure. This web-based electronic order entry system integrates with virtually any major laboratory information system (LIS). Intelligent guidance during the ordering process decreases the risk of human error by, for example, asking the user to provide additional information required to execute a test. CyberLab will even produce a list of specimens to be sampled and offer you the option to print the tube labels. With just a simple mouse click, your order is already at the laboratory. And at any time, you can monitor its progress.

• Integrates with virtually any major LIS
• Ensures transparent and secure exchange of laboratory information
• Saves time and costs
• Flexible, to adapt to your specific needs and way of working
• Reduces the risk of errors

• Simple test requesting
• Intelligent requestor guidance
• Auto-prompt for required information
• Decision support via definable attachments
• Ward-specific test profiles
• Cyclic ordering
• Built-in order validation procedures
• Request Order follow-up
• Standardised LIS / HIS and PAS HL7 messaging
• Sample label and barcode printing
• Seamless GP Integration
• Access from result reports

You can save a lot of time and effort for recurring orders with the cyclic ordering functionality which lets you specify a series of orders, such as for diabetes, oncology, and haemodialysis, in a single step.

50 customers across Europe are using CyberLab to request laboratory tests electronically.