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Instrument Management

SampleNet enables any LIS to communicate with all analytical devices

With SampleNet, you have a full-fledged laboratory automation and instrument communication solution that is not limited by the capabilities of your current Laboratory Information System (LIS). Based on the same core technology as our GLIMS laboratory management solution -  the most widely-used laboratory information system in Europe - it enables any legacy LIS to communicate with all analytical peripherals using a single point of contact. Even if the LIS is not capable of per-peripheral communication.
SampleNet lets you review results per sample and edit both values and comments, from a single interface. You can use multiple criteria to retrieve samples from the database, and navigate between them with a single mouse-click. You can even compare sample results to previous results, side by side.

• Easy to retrieve, navigate and compare samples.
• Simultaneous support of multiple communication protocols & standards, such as ASTM, HL7 or XML-based languages.
• Automatic Quality Control of results.
• LIS backup functions include order entry and report printout.
• Instrument backup functions include manual result entry and a virtual diffpad for haematology departments.
• Flags from the instrument, built-in automatic range checks, delta checks and Westgard checks are all in easy reach.
• Edits are automatically accompanied with a time-stamp and author reference.

• Simplifies workflow: with all sample results available on a single workstation, there is no need to switch from one screen to another.
• Improves work efficiency, by keeping all the information you need at your fingertips.
• Reduces administration tasks, such as duplicate data entry, thanks to seamless integration with LIS and all analytical peripherals.

To the LIS, SampleNet appears as a single instrument capable of satisfying any test request. Orders received from the LIS are automatically dispatched to one or more instruments supporting the requested tests.

This solution is being used by over 800 customers worldwide to manage their instrumentation.