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Connect and communicate with a diverse range of third party systems

These days, labs and hospitals use a lot of different applications, from analyzer control software, to hospital information systems (HIS), to general practitioner systems, to insurance and accounting systems, electronic patient records (EPR) and more. GLIMS, the most widely-used laboratory information system in Europe, has been designed to communicate with many of these.
GLIMS supports international standards including HL7, HPRIM, LDT, ASTM and Edifact - to name only a few. It also supports many connections based on local or national standards and legacy systems. Hardware-independent, its uniform communication model makes it simple to incorporate GLIMS into an information network using third-party applications (data managers for instruments, hospital information systems, GP systems, insurance systems).

•  GLIMS can communicate with several HIS simultaneously: ideal for laboratories servicing multiple hospitals.
•  GLIMS supports direct links with laboratory instruments, and automation and robotics systems.

•  Hardware-independent, GLIMS can fit into any lab environment.
•  Seamless connection and communication simplify data sharing, for a smoother, more productive workflow.
•  Interfacing with instruments allows instrument monitoring from any general purpose workstation, the standardisation of procedures for quality control and direct access to historical patient data for validation.

GLIMS complies with international IHE regulations for the healthcare sector. At annual IHE Connectathon events, systems are tested for interoperability with selected IHE profiles. At the 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2019 IHE Connectathons, GLIMS successfully passed all tests.