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Performance Management

GLIMS Statistics gives you the statistical data you need: how, where and when you need it!

GLIMS Statistics provides you with the statistical results you need, from production, to microbiology, to transfusion and to finance data. It is part of our GLIMS, the most widely-used laboratory information system in Europe.
Guided by the GLIMS Statistics wizard, you will find the collection and display of the statistical data easier than ever. You can choose from a wide range of selection and classification options, personalising your results to your needs. Each module uses the same look-and-feel, but is adapted to the specifics of the relevant types of data.
This flexible tool lets you consult and edit your statistical results through a variety of channels. Print the data, display it on screen in the format of your choice, or save it as a file to use with your third-party applications. These can include MS Excel, MS Access or any web browser.

•  Fully integrated in GLIMS
•  GLIMS Statistics wizard for easy guidance
•  Same look and feel for all statistics modules
•  Extremely flexible selection and classification options
•  Open-ended: results can very easily be loaded into third-party software

•  Saves time and effort in collecting and organising data.
•  Easier to manage performance, with statistics and formats that match your specific needs.
•  Read and analyse data when and where you want.

GLIMS meets the international standards and requirements and supports you in your quest to achieve the highest possible quality in your laboratory.