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Web-based results communication system

Our CyberLab is a simple and user-friendly, yet powerful web-based requesting and result reporting system. It can be integrated with virtually any laboratory information management system.

With CyberLab, lab results are available as soon as the lab releases them, via the extremely flexible and feature-rich results reporting screen. You can choose how you wish to view them by customising the screen with the wide range of layout and filter options.

CyberLab gives you views of up to 20 requests simultaneously for a single patient, with easy-to-use navigation buttons for browsing through the results. Plus, you have detailed patient information and permanent results from the patient's medical record, right there, on your screen.

BENEFITSiPhone CyberLab
• Ensures transparent and secure exchange of laboratory information.
• Helps speed up the care process.
• Integrates with virtually any major laboratory information management system.
• Improves clinical safety via full end-to-end electronic communications.
• Flexible, to adapt to your specific needs and way of working.

• Advanced result views and reports
• Cumulative views of up to 20 requests for a single patient
• Decision support via definable attachments
• Support for graphs and images
• Printer-friendly PDF reports
• Customisable for each individual user
• "To do" lists
• Acknowledgment of result facility
• Advanced customisation options

CyberLab can present different result types originating from different external systems, and can also communicate with mobile technologies such as smartphones, offering mobile staff immediate access to results.

Nearly 100 laboratories across Europe are using CyberLab to make results easily accessible to their requesting clinicians.