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WinPath Enterprise

The UK's Leading Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

At the heart of the CliniSys solution is our next generation LIMS, WinPath Enterprise.   WinPath Enterprise has been developed in response to the growing requirement for NHS networked pathology services consolidating testing activity in multiple Trusts across multiple sites.

Developed specifically to meet the needs of the UK's NHS and Ireland's HSE, WinPath is the UK's leading Laboratory Information Management System. WinPath is a comprehensive, integrated, multi-disciplinary LIMS that supports incremental and adaptive approaches to service development whilst  ensuring alignment and compliance to relevant national and international IT and interoperability standards, including the changes highlighted in the Pathology QIPP agenda and Lord Carter's report.

Since its inception, WinPath had undergone continuous development and enhancement in line with emerging technologies, changing national directives and mandates and, most importantly, feedback from our ever increasing customer base. We are committed to developing close partnerships with our customers, working in close collaboration to ensure that we remained aligned with their unique objectives and deliver solutions that allow clinical laboratories across the country to secure the benefits of service modernisation and maintain the leading edge in patient care and operational efficiency.

Combining proven performance with pioneering innovation, and with a pedigree going back to 1992, WinPath is a comprehensive, integrated, multi-disciplinary LIMS that delivers solutions across haematology, clinical chemistry, serology, immunology, toxicology, microbiology, bacteriology, epidemiology, virology, blood transfusion, histology, cytology and mortuary.

Extensively used in both NHS and private pathology laboratories, the functionally rich, financially aware and highly flexible WinPath system enables users to adapt to change and secure the benefits afforded through automation, service optimisation and interoperability.

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