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GLIMS Genetics – Leading-edge Laboratory Software for Human Genetics

Highest competence for the most sensitive human data

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Europe's leading supplier of clinical laboratory information systems.

Safe, cost-effective, responsive.

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Make our solution YOURS.

Our knowledgeable staff will tailor our solution to your unique needs, then train you to use it independently.

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"Cybertrack doesn’t replace the human’s job; it’s a tool that lets us improve patient safety."

Christiane Gerard, Head of the CHU de Liège blood bank

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Discover MIPS and what we are doing for our customers

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Setting the standard for reliability, flexibility and performance

Long term, supportive relationships assured
For over 30 years, MIPS has been partnering with laboratories and healthcare facilities alike in countries across Europe. Today, we are the market leader in Belgium and Luxembourg, present in 69 sites, with over 2,700 laboratory users of our systems in this country. Our GLIMS laboratory information management system - the heart of our portfolio - has been successfully implemented in both private and hospital laboratories.  CyberLab, our web-based laboratory results consultation and order entry system, can be found in hospitals across the country.

Be part of a vibrant community
Our success comes not only from the reliability, flexibility and performance of our solutions, but also from the community made up of our users and ourselves. This community is dedicated to maximising the potential of MIPS solutions. It achieves this by sharing expertise and experience and through open discussion about how to drive our products forward. We listen carefully to our users when they tell us about new market requirements and desired functionalities. New developments are undertaken in collaboration with our customers and the experiences shared with all. This is what makes us one community, committed to our joint success.

Tailored solutions
With MIPS, there is no standard, "one-size fits all" solution. Every deployment is carefully adapted to meet your specific needs, to fit in your environment and to ensure your optimised performance.

Once deployed, GLIMS solutions do not stand still. GLIMS deployments are continually enhanced and expanded by our customers as laboratories re-configure their services to deliver cost savings and improved patient care.

We connect you
With approximately 70% of all healthcare decisions based on IVD test results, seamless integration with other clinical systems can considerably enhance patient care. Due to our large customer footprint we have proven interfaces to all of the major HIS and EPR systems deployed in Belgium and play an active leadership role in the definition of HL7 and IHE interfaces. With our solutions there are no more "isolated islands"; instead, you and your lab are fully integrated into your facility's IT environment.

Global facts and figures:
• Over 2,500 laboratories using our software
• 350 IT healthcare professionals dedicated to the development, deployment and support of our laboratory software
• 30 years successfully deploying laboratory software solutions
• 35 countries using our solutions
• 9 different languages in operational use

No room for error

Download the case study and discover how the CHU de Liège's transfusion unit uses GLIMS CyberTrack to create a window to the patient's room, increasing patient safety.

Keeping up with the new face of pathology

GLIMS Anapath from MIPS helps Pathologie Friesland (Leeuwarden) meet changing demands efficiently, by integrating all processes.
Download this case study and read the interview with Dr. Robby Kibbelaar, surgical pathologist, hematopathologist.