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E-Lab project of
Parnassia Group
Patient Percentiler project
in Ghent
LIS DaVinci in AZ Sint-Jan 
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Care and security at the core:
psychiatric care group connects
centres and labs
The "Patient Percentiler": Ghent University
embarks on ambitious, innovative
laboratory quality monitoring project.
MIPS’ LIS DaVinci supports AZ Sint-Jan with 
remote image access, reporting, traceability 
and collaboration tools.
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Assistance Publique,
Hôpitaux de Paris
CyberLab at
CHU of Poitiers
The quest for efficiency at
the Hospital Infanta Margarita
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GLIMS provides a pooled, evolutive solution
that supports all the specialities
of AP-HP’s 121 laboratories.
A complete and bidirectional chain
between the laboratory and departments
of the CHU of Poitiers.
GLIMS & CyberLab support a microbiology
laboratory to improve workflow,
speed up delivery and control infection.
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AZ Alma: Moving ahead
in laboratory management
CyberLab and CyberTrack 
in Ostend
Pathologie Friesland, Leeuwarden in
the Netherlands
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How expert project management ensured
this complex GLIMS implementation
got off the ground with no problem.
Digitization blood transfusion management 
at the bedside leads to greater patient safety
at AZ Sint-Jan AV, Ostend.
GLIMS Anapath from MIPS helps regional
pathology lab meet changing demands
efficiently, by integrating all processes.
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No room for errors: 
CHU de Liège's blood bank
How the hospital's transfusion unit uses 
CyberTrack to create a window to the 
patient’s room, increasing patient safety.
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